Just one week
"Fuck this, fuck that, and promptly,fuck you,"

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"And by “whatever” I mean fuck you."

- Chattiest (via chattiest)


"jenamalone: Too many airports
Not enough mountain peaks
Not enough home made anything
Beautiful images
Many many prayers
Not enough sleep
But oh , The faces.
Always a perfect amount
All golden sunflowers
Choosing which way to direct their love But still and all
Too many airports”.


shrewd slytherin, from fen;  a fanmix for slytherin students

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Artwork by yourtugboatcaptain

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"Your fancies are not what I’d expect…"

…very odd…


"…shipment area…why?"

"You’d be surprised,"



those adorkable Hawke kids

"I’m not the sort of person that leaves things unfinished"
↳More Dragon Age: Origins characters for feylen4/?

You can stop yelling. It’s always me.


Varric for tinymarie89, who won the sketch part of my follower artwork giveaway!  I hope this is somewhere near what you wanted. :3